Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship Fund
“The generous $2500 grant makes it possible for me to fulfill my hope of studying abroad and to hone my
talents and abilities…”  read more

First and foremost I would like to thank the Advisory Board for bestowing this prestigious award to me. Not only is it an honor, but also a great deal of aid in my life, both financially and time-wise. I'd be lying if I said my first semester at Baruch College wasn't difficult. At first, the workload was much heavier than I was accustomed to in high school. It required a lot more work than I originally anticipated to receive A's in my class. The tougher classes, free time during school, large campus, commute, as well as my part-time job and hobbies were all new things that I had to adjust to properly so that I would not neglect my grades. After a while I adjusted and started managing my time better and it's become progressively better, especially this semester.  Although I haven't started any business courses, my intentions remain in majoring in Finance

Thanks to the generous scholarship award, I have been able to spend more time focusing on my studies. A large part of that included not working as much, which would have likely been full-time hasn't it been for the scholarship.   Not only that, but I hope I  will be able to study abroad some summer, as it is something that has been on my mind for a long time.

Mony Gluzman
Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship 2010
Edward R. Murrow High School

"Winning the scholarship truly opened up a huge door of opportunity for me. I had spent my high school career waiting in anticipation for my college years to arrive as quickly as possible so I could explore the breadth of cultural diversity abroad, but then was disappointed with the news that my family’s money situation would not allow it. The generous $2500 grant makes it possible for me to fulfill my hope of studying abroad and to hone my talents and abilities in my passion-art-at a center of art and cultural diversity like Florence or Sicily. Studying abroad has been a dream of mine ever since I learned about it my freshman year of high school, and this prestigious scholarship allows me to make my dream a reality. I am beyond question indebted to the Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship Advisory Committee for this amazing opportunity."

Alina Salezneva
2006 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School

"The Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship helped me greatly with lessening the financial burden of attending a private university. Because of it, I was able to work less this year and spend more time on my studies and the aforementioned extracurricular activities. I have also been able to continue taking dance classes, which I have been attending for almost 10 years now."

Julia Stotland
2008 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Brooklyn Technical High School

"The Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship has helped me pay for my college books and tuition at the University of Buffalo. College has already captured my heart a lot more than high school ever did. I got to meet people from all over the world and study philosophy, history, and biology from a whole different perspective. I look forward to my next years in college as a Pre-Med student, English major and math/Spanish minor. I wish all the students who are recipitants of this award to study well and have fun!"

Yafo Mardakhayeva
2008 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Lafeyette High School

"First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Board of Directors so much for awarding me the Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship. The scholarship has truly made a difference in helping me pay for the tuition at New York University. I've really enjoyed my freshman year at NYU, and although I started out as a Music Education major, I have now switched my major to Piano Performance and have put Music Education on hold until later on. I am continuing to explore my abilities and push myself as a musician first and foremost, and the piano faculty at NYU has been truly supportive in my musical endeavors. In my freshman year, I have been exposed to a conservatory-like music environment in a university with a liberal-arts core, which is what I believe sets NYU different from other colleges. Aside from many concerts that I have performed in this year, I have also been very active in extracurricular activities for the student body. During my freshman year, I was the Cultural Chair of Chinese Student Society, bringing awareness of Asian/Asian-American culture to students by helping plan events including a Benefit Concert and a dance infused fashion show. In addition, I have also joined Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity which services not only the NYU body, but also the NYC public. The scholarship has truly allowed me to pursue my musical career while receiving an education with a liberal-arts core and participating in extracurricular activities with a great student body. Thank you so much!"

Alice Tsui
2008 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Brooklyn Technical High School

Once again, I would like to thank the Board of Directors for awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship has paid for a huge portion of the money I needed to pay via loans and federal work study. It has allowed me to work less and focus more of my time on my studies and extracurricular activities. I have really enjoyed my first year at Binghamton University and have accomplished a considerable amount. Even though I started out with a slight favoring towards mechanical engineering, I have made up my mind on pursuing a degree in industrial and systems engineering. Throughout my first year at Binghamton, I have achieved and maintained my GPA to remain on the Dean's List. Not only have I excelled in my academics, but I have also participated in quite a few extracurricular activities. During my first semester, I was a part of Crew and Brazilian Jujitsu. Crew was the next step for me since I have rowed for four years during high school. However, due to the lack of sleep I was getting and frequently getting sick since it was the winter, I decided that it would be best if I dropped them. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to take rowing to the next level and experience crew. If it had not been for this scholarship, I might have not had the time to try it out. In addition to crew, I have participated in the construction of the Dickinson object which is a memorial in honor of a Dickinson faculty master and the organization of the McKenna 5K run which is done by the crew team. The construction of the Dickinson object was an event I partook in during the winter and it gave me hands-on experience in working with engineers and real-life application of knowledge. During the second semester, even though I was no longer part of crew, I applied to be on the McKenna committee and was selected to be on it. I had a tremendous experience in helping organize this run in honor of John J. McKenna IV who was a marine killed while trying to save a fellow comrade. While both of these events were exhausting and time consuming, it was only until after the event that I realized that I had helped memorialized these great people who have done so much. Today, I stand here proud to have been part of such efforts and glad to have had the time to do so. From these and past experiences, I am more determined to be a great contributor to humanity and maybe one day I will be honored and memorialized. In order to contribute to the best of my abilities to society, I have applied to transfer to Cornell University this past year. Even though Cornell has rejected me for the second time--the first was back in high school when I was wait listed, I am more determined to apply again next year so I may hopefully be one step closer to helping society to my full potential. Maybe the third time will be a charm?

Benjamin Tsang
2009 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Stuyvesant High School

Thank you so much for honoring me with the Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship Award. It is so wonderful to be recognized for the things I have done throughout my time in District 21. Please thank the Advisory Committee for me. I am thrilled and so is my mother. We have always tried to help out in every way we could in the District because my mother taught me early on that we are all in the world together and when everybody is the best they can be it's better for all of our lives. Thank you again, and I am sure down the road I will make District 21 proud. I am who I am because of the education I got at P.S. 215, Mark Twain, and Murrow, as well as what I learned at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Julia Pelaez
2010 Recipient Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship
Edward R. Murrow High School